December 2003 News

Indian Supremacy In S Asia Not Acceptable: Anwar

20 December 2003
The Pakistan Tribune

Rawalkot: The Azad Jammu Kashmir President Maj Gen (Retd) Sardar Muhammad Anwar Khan has said that any move to give India supremacy in the South Asia would not be acceptable for Pakistan and the Kashmiris at all. There would be no solution of Kashmir imbroglio without engaging Pakistan in the dialogue process, he said addressing a public gathering here Saturday. 'Pakistan is a front line ally of the United States in its war against terrorism and went all-out in combating terrorism and sectarianism from its soil', he said. It is, now, binding on the big powers to play their due role in the settlement of the disputes of the South Asian region, he added. Highlighting the importance of education, the AJK president maintained there would be no real progress and development with the construction of new roads and erecting state-of-the-art infrastructure in the region. 'We will have to equip our children with the weapon of modern and quality education so that they could face the challenges of the coming ages effectively and efficiently', he said. He stressed the people of the Azad Kashmir to rely on its own resources and potential. 'If we want to come out as a prosperous and developed state in the comity of nations, we will have to concentrate more vigorously on exploiting our assets', he said. Sardar Anwar said the prime hindrance in our progress is our ever- deteriorating education system. 'The government will have to join hands with the private parties to elevate the standard of education in Azad Kashmir and for the provision of quality and modern education facility to the every child of the region', he said. PM Sardar Sikandar Hayat, he said, has given us a positive assurance that with the assistance of locals and the legislators that the AJK government would address the issue in effective manner. Talking about the disparity of education standard between the public sector and private sector, the AJK president it is quite pathetic to witness that the students are switching over to the private educational institutions owing to the lack of facilities and poor education at the government-owned schools. 'In a recent meeting with (PM) Sardar Sikandar, I stressed upon him to institute a committee which is entrusted to ascertain what is being imparted on the children of Azad and Jammu Kashmir in the private and public schools', he said. Keeping in view the recommendation of the committee, he said, the government could introduce an ideal educational system in the region. The AJK president underscored the students not to find short cuts for progress. 'Without dedication and hard work towards studies, the goal of attaining prosperity and growth will not be fulfilled', he maintained.


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