December 2003 News

No Change In Kashmir Policy, Says Anwar

21 December 2003
The Pakistan Tribune

Rawalkot: The AJK president Maj. Gen. (Retd) Sardar Muhammad Anwar has said that India must not expect any flexibility in Pakistan's stance on Kashmir. 'Our stance on Kashmir is based on principles and justice and we would not back out from our standpoint on Kashmir dispute at all', said the president addressing a function of Institute of Textile and Modern Technologies here. 'We are alive to the issues and challenges emerging at the fast changing global canvas these days,' he said. 'This does not mean we should show some retreat from our previous Kashmir policy', he added. The AJK president said there could be some softened attitude for resumption of dialogue process with India on Kashmir and other lingering issues. 'But, I want to make it quite clear on the Indian sides and the international community that there would no change in the principled stance of Pakistan on Kashmir whatever the situation might have crop up in the days to come', he said. Sardar Anwar Khan on the occasion said the AJK government is striving for ridding of the corruption tactics of the patwaris. 'Through introducing E-governance, the sitting government is computerizing the whole record of the government offices and this would defiantly contribute towards bringing the Patwari culture from the region to an immediate close', he maintained. He stressed the students to concentrate more on their studies. 'Education is the only way through which we can bridge the widening gap between the developed and the developing nations', he said. Addressing a public rally at Raant, Sardar Anwar Khan lamented limited funds extended for the welfare of the city. 'A mere Rs. 50,000 development funds for Raant during the past 56 years speaks volumes for the ignorance and pathetic attitude of previous rulers towards the uplift of area', he said. He announced Rs. 0.4 million grant for the construction of a road and Rs. 0.1 million for installing a water tank for the local settlement. 'The funds would contribute towards mitigating grievances and the sufferings of the Raant inhabitants considerably', he said. The AJK president eulogized efforts of the Women Welfare Organisation for mobilizing womenfolk in the Azad Kashmir. 'It is rather a difficult for the women of the backward areas to come out for work without the proper support of their male partners', he said. 'But the Women Welfare Organisation's efforts for elevating the status of womenfolk in Azad Kashmir is appreciable and step in the right direction', he said. The AJK president said that it is high time for the womenfolk to contribute towards the progress of region and the country simultaneously.


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