December 2003 News

Neither Ansari nor Geelani faction is real representative

21 December 2003
The Hindustan Times
Press Trust of India

New Delhi: Neither Maulvi Abbas Ansari nor Syed Ali Shah Geelani led Hurriyat factions is the real representative of Kashmiris although the former one was a 'lesser evil', says founder of JKLF Ammanullah Khan.'Neither Ansari nor Geelani faction represents the Kashmiris although the Ansari group carries comparatively far more constitutional, political and moral weight,' Khan said in an interview published in US-based web portal 'South Asia Tribune' run by a Pakistani journalist in exile.Asked to comment on the split within Hurriyat, he said, 'The breakdown was long overdue as its members specially of executive council were tied up with each other not with a rope of any ideology or a clear mission.'In a veiled reference to Pakistan, he said the Hurriyat was 'tied with monetary interests and as per desire of their paymasters, as such, it was too weak to stand the pushes and pulls of difficult situations, hence the disintegration.'Terming the Hurriyat as a necessary evil, the JKLF chairman, however, said, 'Its disintegration will harm Kashmiris cause more than it will benefit.'Asked about the proposed talks between New Delhi and the Hurriyat, he asid JKLF has a clear cut policy that no bilateral talks, in whatsoever permutation- combination, would ever succeed.


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