December 2003 News

Jammu As Hideout

26 December 2003
The Daily Excelsior

Jammu: It is not the first time that one has come across a report of 79 Bangladeshis having been arrested in Jammu. The only difference may be that on this occasion they were caught while trying to cross over into Pakistan. Off and on in the past, there have been reports of their trying to force their way into the State from Pakistan. Although their illegal immigration in this part is not as alarming as it is said to be in north-eastern states, official agencies should sit up and take notice of this development. It is incomprehensible the way these immigrants seem to travel. On one hand, they come all the way from the east and enter Pakistan before seeking to find their way into the State. On the other hand, they manage to travel up to Jammu, as is established by the latest instance, and then make an attempt to move across. In both the cases, it is clear that they succeed in hoodwinking the initial and supposedly stronger security barriers. In the present incident, it has not been, evidently, possible to detect them after their arrival in Jammu. The concerned authorities should take this lapse seriously. A sensitive border town like Jammu can't be allowed to become the hideout of the unauthorised citizens of another country, howsoever innocent or needy they may be.


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