March 2004 News

Kashmir Bar Association Lauds Resumption Of Pak-India Talks

7 March 2004
News Network International

Srinagar: The President of the Bar Association in occupied Kashmir, Mian Abdul Qayyum has lauded the resumption of Pakistan-India dialogue saying the process will culminate in amicable solution of the Kashmir issue. Kashmir Media Service quoted him as saying in an interview that both India and Pakistan have agreed to discuss all their outstanding issues including Kashmir', he said adding that if leadership of both India and Pakistan are sincere, it is not difficult for them to find amicable solution of this longstanding issue. He expressed hope that better senses will prevail on the leadership of both the countries for resolving the Kashmir dispute according to the wishes and aspirations of people of Jammu and Kashmir. 'The resolution of Kashmir dispute is in the interest of both the countries. The two countries, who spend huge sums of money on defence, can utilize the same money for the welfare and betterment of their people. Mian Qayyum, however, said that unless and until Kashmiri people are involved in the dialogue process, no fruitful result will come out of the process. He said that going by the past history, India has never been sincere in resolving the dispute of Jammu and Kashmir. 'After spending lot of time in keeping Kashmir issue in cold storage, I feel Indian leaders have realized that without resolution of Kashmir dispute, there can be no peace in sub-continent', he said adding that it is perhaps this realization, which has made the two countries to talk about Kashmir. On best possible solution to Kashmir, Mian Qayyum said, 'There are many solutions. If I give any solution, it may not be acceptable to other. It is better to sit together and reach a consensus on a solution keeping in view the wishes and aspirations of people of Jammu and Kashmir. The wishes of people have to be respected at all costs'. On the forthcoming parliamentary elections, he said Bar Association has never participated in any election process. This time also the stand will be same, he added. He said that Bar Association is the only association, which is fighting for legal and fundamental rights of prisoners, detained in various jails and detention centres.


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