March 2004 News

Kashmiri expatriate Ayub Thakur dies

10 March 2004
The Daily Times

NEW DELHI: Well-known Kashmiri expatriate Dr Ayub Thakur, 55, died on Wednesday in London. He was in a coma since a month. His funeral prayers will be held on Friday.Dr Thakur was the founder and chairman of the World Kashmir Freedom Movement (WKFM) and considered a leading sponsor of jihadi funds. The Indian government wanted him in a number of cases. Mr Thakur fell unconscious last month when he was making arrangements for a Kashmiri leaders' conference.He was also named in Hawala scandal. Indian Prime Minister LK Advani took up the issue of Dr Thakur's deportation with British Prime Minister Tony Blair during his visit to the United Kingdom last month. In a case filed against him under the Prevention of Terrorism Act (POTA), the Indian government charged him with funding Kashmir-based journalist Imtiaz Bazaz through a charity, Mercy Universal. Mr Bazaz was charged with terrorism. -Iftikhar Gilani


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