March 2004 News

Has The Reverse Exodus Begun In The Valley?

18 March 2004
The Statesman

Jammu: Has the exodus of foreign terrorists from Jammu and Kashmir begun? If one were to believe the Intelligence inputs, some foreign terrorists have begun to show signs of cracking up. Despite the outward bravado and attempts to stage the odd fidayeen attacks, the pressure on the 'guest terrorists' in the last few months has begun to tell. Top security officials attribute this change to the U-turn of their mentors from across the border. 'These terrorists know well how the troopers in Kargil were left to die. They have memories of how the troops sent to aid the Taliban were dumped. Their local terrorist friends are getting impatient and with their misbehaviour. Financial support from across is being curtailed leading to more instances of extortions from the locals,' said a security official in Jammu and Kashmir. The security officials, however, point out some recent reports. Recently a group of foreign terrorists of the Hizbul Mujahideen (Pir Panjal Regiment) exfiltrated before their tenure was over despite orders not to cross. This apparently got the goat of 'Jangi Bhai', a very senior commander of the HM PPR in the Manjakot area of Poonch who had long ago finished the contract period and had earned his prize sum of Rs six lakhs. His family needed the money badly that is why he had volunteered for jihad. Jangi Bhai was scheduled to exfiltrate with the next group and was waiting to return to his wife and his children. 'It was getting difficult to make out with the local Kashmir women as their husbands had started protesting and even informing the security forces,' the sources said adding Jangi was shocked when he learnt that this renegade group had left him and exfiltrated with a local guide. So outraged he was by this betrayal that he had a shouting match with his handlers on the radio. Threatening to move out with his whole group, he has now been listening to abusive language against his elders. 'If you don't want us to marry locally then please ensure the tenure system works. Two years is long enough time to get back to once wife and family,' he said talking to his bosses. across the border. Another leader is also threatening to exfiltrate. Many foreign terrorist are terrified of the time, when the fence will be electrified. There is great resentment against the bosses. A tickle has stared. The Exodus has begun, will it turn into a flood only time will tell.


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