March 2004 News

Pak-Indian Delegates Scuffle Over Kashmir In Geneva

26 March 2004
The Pakistan Tribune

Geneva: Pakistan and Indian delegates participating in ongoing meeting of United Nation's Human Rights Commission (HRC) in Geneva developed a scuffle over Kashmir issue. It is said that the situation worsened when Indian delegate in Geneva Hardeep Puri strongly reacted over Pakistani delegate's demand of providing right of self-determination to Kashmiris. When Pakistan delegate Shaukat Umar raised the issue of Kashmiris right of self determination, Secretary Indian Ministry of External Affairs Shashank and other delegates ruled out his demand maintaining that Kashmir is integral part of India. Pakistani delegate was astonished at the reaction shown by Indian delegates and said Kashmir till today is a dispute and it still need to be resolved even acknowledged by UN resolutions which has passed resolutions that Kashmiris should be allowed to decide about their fate. Indian delegate Hardeep Puri listening to the remarks of Shaukat Umar protested and claimed that Kashmir is integral part of India.


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