March 2004 News

Qayyum annoyed over results of Ansari-India talks

29 March 2004
The Pakistan Tribune

RAWALPINDI: The outcome of ongoing negotiations of All Parties Hurriyat Conference (APHC) splinter group led by Maulana Abbas Ansari with the Indian government on Kashmir dispute is simply disappointing, said Supreme Head of Muslim Conference and former Prime Minister of Azad Jammu and Kashmir Sardar Abdul Qayyum Khan. Sardar Qayyum said the Kashmiris leaders opted for talks with the Vajpayee administration in good faith but it's the Indian stubbornness, which yielded no positive result from the talk process to date.'The Ansari group was determined to settle down with the Indian side peacefully bilateral matters including end to violent activities in valley besides finding ways for the resolution of 55-year old dispute', he said . He deplored whenever the Indian side felt itself in deep waters at the hands of freedom fighters, it had engaged the Kashmiris in futile talks on the longstanding Kashmir dispute just to gain time to successfully grapple with the crisis situation in the held valley. 'No sooner they (Indians) come out of the critical times, they would back out from the purpose the talks were started', he argued. The Muslim Conference leader sarcastically commenting on the new dates for India-APHC (Ansari) talks said the forthcoming June talks will culminate on the mere announcement of schedule for further talks on Kashmir . He said making use of its old political tactics, the Indian government has, on one side, engaged Kashmiris in dialogue process whereas on the other hand, the brutalities and atrocities of Indian forces against innocent Kashmiris have been stepped up manifold in the occupied valley. 'Now, with the deployment of more Indian forces in the occupied Kashmir, there must be no doubt in one's mind about 'sincere Indian efforts' about resolving Kashmir dispute', he said sarcastically. He said despite giving fresh dates for talks with APHC, the Indian government must immediately announce withdrawal of its forces from the civilian settlements, release of political detainees and removing Black laws enforced in the Indian held Kashmir against Kashmiris. In his comments on the invitation of Indian Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee extended to President Gen Pervez Musharraf for Indian tour, Sardar Qayyum termed it part of political maneuvering to win over Indian hearts for the forthcoming Indian general elections. 'It's part of the election campaign of Indian Prime Minister', he said suggesting the invitation must be taken in the Indian election perspective only.


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