April 2004 News

India Conspiring To Assassinate Me: Geelani

5 April 2004
News Network International

Sopore: Chairman All Parties Hurriyat Conference Syed Ali Shah Geelani has accused the India of hatching an assassination conspiracy against him. 'They are plang to assassinate me as I haven't succumbed to their pulls and pressures nor have I made any deal with them. They intend to silence the voice which is against the establishment ', Geelani said while addressing a gathering here that is part of the ongoing poll boycott programme launched by Hurriyat Conference led by Geelani. Earlier, Geelani and his six associates reached here to address the people but ten of his colleagues were detained by police at Mirgund-Pattan enroute to venue of the rally. Policemen had put up road blocks on Srinagar-Varmul road to prevent Geelani and his colleagues from proceeding to Sopur but he gave them slip and reached the venue. He asked the participants to spread anti-poll message to the different areas in the district. 'I may not be alive tomorrow, therefore it is your duty to disseminate the message regarding the poll boycott to various areas', he added. Geelani said, ' boycott of the elections would show that we are against Indian occupation. The boycott would also expose the Indian government's propaganda that projects people willingly vote during elections.' Commenting on the dialogue process initiated by the Abbas Ansari led Hurriyat with the deputy prime minister L K Advani, he said the step taken by the members was a hurried one. 'The members should have waited for the outcome of talks between India and Pakistan and then accordingly should have joined the dialogue. Instead of waiting for the outcome, they rushed for the dialogue with the centre' he said. Chairman said that the talks should have begun after India, had stopped human rights violation in the state, accepted Kashmir a disputed territory, revoked the disturbed area act and released detenues languishing in different jails. He said dialogue was initiated to buy time so that Kashmir issue will linger on. Lauding the Pakistan President Pervez Musharaff's recent statement wherein he had set a deadline for the resolution of Kashmir issue, he said the stand taken by the president is highly appreciable. 'The threat by Musharraf that Pakistan will withdraw from the dialogue if India fail to address the core issue is a welcome step', he added. Describing the ongoing freedom struggle as sacred struggle and not terrorism, he said that we are not warmongers but are fighting for our right of self-determination. 'We are peace loving people and Islam also condemns terrorism. But Islam also says those if you are suppressed, fight back and win freedom from the occupiers', Geelani said. Geelani asked people not to get swayed by the freedom slogans raised by the candidates contesting the upcoming parliamentary elections. He said those fighting the elections have nothing to do with the freedom of Kashmir. 'Those contesting elections are Indian agents and are misleading the people by shouting the pro-freedom slogans during their rallies' he said. They only need your votes, Geelani said. He also urged people not to accept any relief from the politicians in the form of appointment letters or relief cheques. 'Money, jobs or any other relief should not be accepted in exchange for the martyrs' blood', he said. Terming the claims of democracy made by the present government as hollow, he said the government's reluctance to allow the party from holding anti-poll campaign showed 'the double speak'. 'They have created hindrances in our anti-poll campaign by arresting senior party leaders. Today the police personnel also tried to stop us from coming to area, but, by the Allah's grace we made it', he added.


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