April 2004 News

JKNLF presents new road map for Kashmir solution

7 April 2004
The Pakistan Tribune

RAWALAKOT: Jammu and Kashmir National Liberation Front (JKNLF) has presented a new road map for the solution of Kashmir. General Secretary Jammu and Kashmir National Liberation Front Sardar Arif Shahid while addressing a Press conference in Rawalakot on Wednesday demanded that under the road map the five units Jammu, Ladakh, Kashmir Valley, Azad Kashmir and Gilgit Balitistan to be given political and social autonomy and each unit should be allowed to trade freely with Pakistan and India. He also proposed for defense agreement between India, Pakistan and people of Kashmir for fifteen years in this regard . He said the peace process between Pakistan and India would not last for long and no viable solution to the Kashmir dispute would emerge in Pakistan India talks . Meanwhile he stressed the need of unity among Kashmiris and joint strategy to resolve Kashmir issue peacefully.


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