April 2004 News

Suggestions for NAs appellate court submitted

10 April 2004
The Dawn
Our Correspondent

GILGIT: Suggestions have been submitted for setting up an appellate court for the Northern Areas, says deputy chief executive of the Northern Areas Haji Fida Mohammad Nashad. He told journalists here on Saturday that the move was spurred by the Supreme Court's landmark judgment. Mr Nashad highlighted some of the suggestions forwarded to the federal government in this regard, saying no retired judge should be posted as chairman or member of the Northern Areas chief court or the proposed appellate court. 'Our previous experience on the appointment of retired judges is not very good ... Members of the appellate court must be appointed by elevating judges of the Northern Areas chief court', Mr Nashad said. He said to overcome the shortage of experienced judges, serving judges should be inducted on deputation from other areas of the country for a specific period of time. He said that half of the number of judges in the chief court should be appointed by elevating the incumbent members of the judicial service of the Northern Areas. Mr Nashad suggested the other half should be inducted from members of the Northern Areas Bar Councils and if suitable candidates were unavailable, serving judges of from other parts of the country might be transferred on deputation for a fixed tenure. He said that under no circumstances lawyers from other areas of Pakistan should be employed in the Northern Areas' chief court as it would affect the smooth functioning of the entire system besides disappointing the local lawyers. EDUCATION MEETING The local community based organizations (CBOs) have stressed the need of bringing educational institutions in conformity with the modern demands if the youths of this historical Bagrote valley are to become high-achievers. Speaking on the occasion of Annual Result Announcement Ceremony of Bagrote Association for Social Enhancement, the body's chairman Abdul Hamid said the typical bureaucratic approach to education had failed to cater for the demands of a modern society. He said there must be a paradigm shift in education planning and career building. Mr Hamid said 'Today the world is faced with the socio-economic impacts of globalization and only a participatory approach in community development and mobilization is the answer to the problems faced by the mountain communities.'


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