April 2004 News

'World Community Realising Gravity Of Kashmir Issue'

18 April 2004
The Times of India

Srinagar: JKLF (Sarie Balla) chairman Mohammad Saleem today said that the world community has started to realize the importance of solving the Kashmir issue. According to the spokesman of the party, Saleem was addressing people at Kralagund in district Kupwara. He was of the view that governments of both India and Pakistan have begun to resolve their differences and started concrete steps in resolving the Kashmir issue. Saleem added that the initiation of the dialogue between the two neighbouring countries is a significant rejoinder in this regard. He asked the people to stay away from the parliamentary elections as they would not lead to any solution of the Kashmir problem. Saleem added that the boycott of the polls would make it clear to every one that Kashmiris have nothing to do with the poll process. He said that the Kashmiris are concerned with taking the ongoing freedom struggle to its logical conclusion.


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