April 2004 News

JKLF leaves Jihad Council

21 April 2004
The Daily Times
Amir Rana

LAHORE: The Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (Yasin Malik Group) has parted from the Muttahida Jihad Council (MJC), accusing council chairman Syed Salahuddin of preparing to announce an unconditional ceasefire in the disputed state.Sources in the JKLF-Y said that the differences with the MJC chairman began when the jihadi alliance was restructured late last year. 'The JKLF-Y were asked to join the Kashmir Resistance Forum and not use its original name in Pakistan and Azad Kashmir,' the sources said. 'But the JKLF refused the offer and insisted on its original identification in the MJC.'JKLF leaders wrote to Mr Salahuddin in February, objecting to the restructuring of the alliance and its policies, especially regarding the ceasefire.'The JKLF is not against a ceasefire, but an unconditional ceasefire is unacceptable,' a JKLF leader told Daily Times. 'Our stance is that a ceasefire would not be beneficial until Kashmiris get assurances that they will be a party to any possible solution to the dispute.' 'The MJC head is under pressure to announce an unconditional ceasefire. We cannot be part of a council that wants to close the independence movement in exchange for nothing,' the JKLF leader said. 'The MJC has become a puppet of the agencies and the agencies wants to crush the freedom struggle.' However, sources inside the MJC said that the JKLF had told the MJC that if it succeeded in getting a ceasefire from the Indian forces in Kashmir; it would support the MJC ceasefire decision. The JKLF-Y also recently left the All Parties Hurriyat Conference (Ansari group), complaining that it had failed to put the Kashmiri point of view to the Indian government.


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