April 2004 News

Breakthrough On Kashmir Soon: Qayyum

23 April 2004
The Pakistan Tribune

London: Sardar Abdul Qayyum Khan Supreme Head of the Muslim Conference Azad Jammu and Kashmir has said that a dramatic breakthrough over Kashmir issue could transpire in the near future . 'Pakistan and Indian negotiations on Kashmir issue could easily develop a dramatic situation for the solution of the lingering issue of the region that has barred the progress of both nations,' he made these remarks in an exclusive interview to Online on Friday . He stressed upon India to respond positively to the Confidence Building Measures (CBMs) proposed by Pakistan for developing a congenial atmosphere between the two countries and stability of peace in South Asia . 'At present the situation of distress in Kashmir has not only destabilised the peace in the region but has also kept the world peace at stake. This is because Kashmir is an important region in the world but at the time it has become a burning issue not only for South Asian giants but also for the entire world and its solution is a must for stabilising global peace,' he added. Sardar Abdul Qayyum also emphasised the need of an extensive US role in solution of Kashmir issue. 'Being sole super power of the world at the moment it is responsibility of the US to play the role of the Big Brother for solution of Kashmir issue in accordance with Kashmiris aspirations,' he held . He was of the view that parleys are the only possible way for the solution of Kashmir issue. 'I too appreciate the role US has played in instigating both Pakistan and India to come to the negotiating table,' he added . Commenting on Indian Army role in Held Kashmir and Govt's steps taken for improvement of bilateral relations with Pakistan he said that Indian government's steps will prove to be unfruitful until and unless Indian military monopoly is wiped out of IHK . 'I am sure that large number of people do not even know about India's first Prime Minister Jawahar Lal Nehru's commitment to Indian army that they are free to do what they want to accomplish in Kashmir. On the other hand the laws like POTA and TADA have also transferred discriminatory powers to the army which they have exploited with full authority,' he held . He said that the situation is evident of Indian government's commitment that on the one hand it has instigated negotiations with Pakistan and on the other its army has intensified its atrocities over Kashmir in IHK . Lauding the steps taken by Pakistan for normalising relations with India he said that Pakistan has taken various good steps and now the ball is in Indian court. 'If India will not respond to these CBMs in apt manner then the entire international community will turn against India because the world will easily get the glimpse of Indian intentions for peace in the region,' he maintained . MC supreme head also made it clear that Indian Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee has a major role for solution of Kashmir. 'I am hopeful that if Mr Vajpayee wins the general elections then he will possibly try to overthrow the burden of Kashmir issue from his shoulders by resolving it,' he added . He also expressed the fear that extremists in India could overwhelm Indian premier and force him not to settle the Kashmir issue. 'Now its upto Mr Vajpayee to settle Kashmir crisis, the passage is continuing and is a slow process but a sudden breakthrough could erupt in the near future, probably after Indian elections,' he maintained . Responding to a query he said that suicide bombings are un Islamic and not in accordance with Islamic teachings . Commenting on US efforts for curbing terrorism from the world he said that the steps US has taken for curbing terrorism are only against Muslims . He also said that on the other hand the issue of state terrorism against Palestinians, Chechens, Kashmiris is outrageously ignored by US . 'Why US can't take steps against Israel, Russia and India for their state terrorism. Such situation has instigated the retaliation against US in the entire Muslim Ummah and instead of curbing the menace of terrorism US is widening its range and that will be harmful for the entire world. Soon US will reckon that its policies are totally wrong,' he added . Commenting on US president George W Bush policies he said that Bush is the worst president in US regimes and by his policies he is destabilising himself.


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