April 2004 News

Terrorists leadership under threat

29 April 2004
The Daily Excelsior
Daily Excelsior Correspondent

Jammu: Security officials have recently intercepted a taped message by Sayed Sallaudin-the maverick leader of Hizbul Mujahideen (HM). While addressing the demoralised cadre in J&K, he said that his intention was to remove the despondency that has crept into the ranks of the Mujahideen. He spoke at length about the importance of Jihad in the service of Allah. He emphasised the need for all Muslims to unite in the fight against ‘Kafirs’. He called independence of Kashmir as the foundation of the Islamic revolution and said that those advocating moderation were enemies of the Ulema, who would get their just dessert. The tone and tenor of his speech suggests a desperate attempt to boost the sagging morale of his commanders in the field as also the rank and file who have taken heavy losses at the hands of the security forces. Informed sources reveal that terrorist leaders of Jaish-e-Mohammed too are feeling the need to motivate and cheer up their cadres towards continuing the fight. A top JeM leader message from Muzafarabad in PoK to his cadres was intercepted on the radio set. 'Shun worldly goods in the name of Allah and strive to become like Osama, Mullah Omar and Gazi Baba to gain fame through martyrdom', the message said. 'What has gone wrong with us that we cannot be like Bin Laden and Mullah Omar. They are born of the same womb of Muslim women. Kashmir and Afhanistan need young Mujahideen who can show some guts and not just cower in hide-outs' the message further said. There is perceptible lack of confidence and a creeping demoralisation in the terrorist ranks. That is why all the supreme commanders across have felt it necessary to give speeches to lift the sagging morale of their Mujahideens, it seems that the leaders are finding it difficult to get new recruits as also to control those who are already in their Tanzeems. The leadership crisis amongst the ranks of the terrorists does not end here. The Indian Army and security forces have been very specifically been targeeting the terrorist leadership. More than 10 top terrorists have been killed by security forces in the last few months. Those killed include hard- core terrorists like Ghulam Rasool Dar. Dy. Supreme Commander of Hizbul Mujahideen, Sehrai Baba, Valley chief of JeM Malik Salimulla, vice chief of JeM in Kupwara and a number of so-called commanders have been eliminated. These elimination of terrorists has caused a vacuum in the leadership and demoralised the cadre. What is highly significant is a new trend of shunning to assume the mantle of leadership. The Indian Army and the security forces have very specifically been targetting the terrorist leadership. This has so worried the Tanzeem cadres that none of them is willing to come forward as a leader. The post of Divisional Commander Kupwara has been lying vacant since the death of Mohammed Qasim. A terrorist leader code name Al was offered this post but to the amazement of all, he refused to take charge. Defeatism was implicit in recent broadcast by Sayed Sallaudin of the HM and the Supreme Commander of JeM. 'It is easy to give lectures on the Radio from the comfortable bungalows of Muzafarabad. Why donot these leaders come across the LoC and practice what they preach'. this is the grouse of the rank and file that is gathering momentum.


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