April 2004 News

India Victim Of Terrorism: US

29 April 2004
The Times of India

Washington DC: Describing India as 'an important partner in the global war on terror,' the US State Department in its latest global terrorism report reviewing terrorist crimes in 2003, said India continued to be the 'object of attacks by foreign-based and Kashmiri groups operating in Jammu and Kashmir.' While showering fulsome praise on Pakistan for its cooperation with the US in anti-terrorism, the department's annual 'Patterns of Global Terrorism' report noted that 'the Indian government asserted that Lashkar-e-Taiba and Jaish-e-Mohammed were behind a number of high-profile attacks in Jammu and Kashmir, which included the massacre of 24 Hindu civilians in southern Kashmir in March and an attack on October 17 outside the chief minister's residence compound in Srinagar. 'Attacks took place in other parts of the country as well. Indian police say they had captured or killed all the individuals responsible for the twin bombings on August 25 in Mumbai that left 53 dead and 160 injured. The Indian government asserted that the responsible individuals were associated with Lashkar-e-Taiba,' it said. The department pointed out that Harakat, Jaish and other organisations are Pakistan-based and are involved in fighting in Kashmir.


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