May 2004 News

Mujahideen praise boycott of polls by Kashmiris

10 May 2004
The Dawn
Staff Correspondent

MUZAFFARABAD: An alliance of Kashmiri mujahideen groups on Monday complimented the people for the successful boycott of the polling in the Indian occupied Kashmir, saying it had proved the Kashmiris' commitment to the freedom struggle. A statement issued by the Muttahida Jihad Council here on Monday said 'We congratulate the people of Jammu, Doda and Udhampur for staying away from the farcical exercise in the name of parliamentary elections. Their boycott is yet another manifestation of the fact that they are wholeheartedly with the movement and want freedom from Indian subjugation at all costs.' 'The turnout in the election drama staged in the held territory also makes it clear that no amount of repression can deter the Kashmiris from pursuing their just cause,' the council said. The alliance also congratulated mujahideen for launching attacks, inflicting losses on the Indian army during the election. 'This has proved that mujahideen are steadfastly combating the occupation forces and there has been no diminution in their determination. Rather it is increasing day by day.' The MJC warned that if India did not take lessons from its 'disgraceful failure' it would face a humiliating retreat in the held Kashmir. 'The best option for India is to withdraw its troops from Kashmir and grant right to self determination to the Kashmiris so as to establish lasting peace in this region.'


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