May 2004 News

Save Dal Lake From Extinction

14 May 2004
News Network International

Srinagar: The world famous Dal Lake which has been the main tourist attraction and considered a jewel in Kashmir's crown needs immediate attention from puppet authorities to save it from total extinction. The water body is fast shrinking due to human interference and the trend needs to be stopped immediately at all costs. Although the High Court of Jammu and Kashmir have come to the rescue of the Dal by issuing several orders, but these orders need to be fully implemented in letter and spirit by the authorities at the helm of affairs. Although the puppet government has stated that it will not allow any fresh construction in the green belt area around Dal Lake, but the past track records show that these claims are hard to be digested. In the past, the lawmakers were the biggest violators and they had constructed houses and hutments around Dal Lake in the green belt area Besides, scores of families living within the Dal Lake, who were relocated, have come back and again started erecting the constructions. But till date, Lake and Waterways Development Authority, which is looking after the world famous Dal Lake and spends crores of rupees annually on Dal-related projects, has not taken any steps to dismantle these constructions. Daily Excelsior reported, Dal Lake is dying a slow death and the authorities are only preparing for its decent burial. Huge funds for saving of Dal Lake, were misused and finally vigilance organisations had to start probe and found many officials guilty of misusing these funds. The people of Kashmir also have the responsibility to contribute their bit to save Dal Lake from the dying. The solid waste is being thrown into this water body and the people wash their vehicles on the banks of the lake. The construction around the Dal Lake should be stopped and a blanket ban should be imposed on the transportation of all kinds of construction material inside the Dal Lake. If this time also the authorities shy from their responsibilities then the day will be not far off when Dal Lake would become talk of the past and the future generation will only have a look at the Dal Lake through the history books. 'Better late than never', the daily concluded.


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