May 2004 News

JKLF expects realistic policy on Kashmir from Congress govt

14 May 2004
The Pakistan Tribune

MUZAFFARABAD: Chairman Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) Amanullah Khan Friday voiced his optimism that the new Congress government in India would adopt realistic policy on Kashmir issues as it would include comparatively young, broad-minded and liberal people who will look at issue from a global and long term perspective. JKLF Chairman was commenting on the possible effects of Congress victory on Kashmir issue. He said that the responsibility of resolving the thorny issue of Kashmir is rested on new government since the issue was created by a Congress government. JKLF Chief hoped that new Indian government would realize that Kashmir issue could not be resolved without giving priority to Kashmiris aspirations and will . He said that the best way to solve the issue would be to change Kashmir from the present position of a very dangers bone of contention into a bridge of friendship between Pakistan and India . The best practicable way to do so, he said, was to reunite the divided Jammu and Kashmir State and make it a fully Independent country with democratic, federal and secular system of government and compulsory friendly ties with both Pakistan and India.


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