May 2004 News

Shia protest continues

19 May 2004
The Daily Times

GILGIT: Almost 300 Shia students continued their protest on Wednesday. They staged a hunger strike camp on Monday demanding that the existing syllabi be changed. They said it was 'controversial' and against their faith. Shia leaders said that they had raised the issue four years ago when the Punjab Textbooks Board had printed the books with the controversial syllabi, but the authorities had taken it lightly, despite protests from the Shias of the Northern Areas. 'We are not against the existing syllabi, but Shia students should not be forced to study textbooks which we deem controversial according to our faith. We will keep up our demands till a solution is offered,' said Shia leader Syed Raziuddin. Strikes and class boycotts took place in Danyore, Matumdas, Jutal, Sukwar and Khomer areas where protesting students reportedly blocked the roads but police controlled the situation. The government officials said that efforts were underway to settle the issue and they had consulted Shia leaders.


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