May 2004 News

JKLF rejects LoC as border

21 May 2004
The Daily Times

GILGIT: Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) Chairman Amanullah Khan said on Friday that his organisation would resist the proposition to change the status quo on the Line of Control (LoC). 'So far we have seen that Pakistan and India have agreed to declare the LoC as a permanent border, which is not acceptable to the Kashmiris. Kashmir should be independent,' said Mr Khan while addressing fellow party members and reporters. 'We also condemn the sectarian violence in Gilgit-Baltistan.'Mr Khan said that the JKLF favoured Gilgit- Baltistan as a part of independent Kashmir. He said that it wanted to join the five divided parts of Kashmir into an independent, secular and democratic state. Mr Khan said that the current confidence building measures were aimed at dividing Kashmir between Pakistan and India, which the JKLF would not condone.


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