May 2004 News

Jihad the only way to win Kashmir: Hafiz Saeed

24 May 2004
The Daily Times

PESHAWAR: Negotiations will not resolve the Kashmir issue, only jihad will, Jamaatud Dawa (JD) chief Professor Hafiz Muhammad Saeed said on Monday.At a Peshawar JD seminar, Mr Saeed said the caliphate should also be established through jihad. The Muslims of India and Pakistan have seen the results of jihad earlier as well, he said. 'From Bihar to Bengal and from Uttar Pardesh to the Hyderabad Daccan, Muslims have become active and soon the idea of secularism will die in India,' he said.Mr Saeed said Muslims were establishing a separate identity in India and distancing themselves from Hindus. 'The majority of Indian Muslims did not vote in the recent general elections. The Hindu vote was also divided, which resulted in Congress victory,' he said. The jihad in Iraq and Afghanistan, he said, would help unite the Muslims of the region.Mr Saeed said the governments of the 56 Muslim countries were dominated by the West and were incapable of deciding what was best for their people and the Ummah. 'The days when the rulers were begging the White House for support in passing a resolution on Kashmir and Palestine have gone and now these issues will be solved through jihad,' he said.He said the Afghan jihadis had prevented the Russians from establishing a Communist world order. 'The Russian invasion of Afghanistan was a blessing in disguise because the Islamic renaissance started from there,' he said. staff report


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