May 2004 News

UK Should Refrain From Anti Mujahideen Statements: Hizb

26 May 2004
The Pakistan Tribune

Muzaffarabad: Hizbul Mujahideen expressing its dismay and regret over UK Foreign Secretary Jack Straw and other western nations statement condemning the killing of 26 soldiers in a land mine blast said that UK should refrain from issuing anti Mujahideen statements . In a statement issued on Wednesday Hizb spokesman Saleem Hashmi said that it is strange that UK or any so call peaceful nations never raised their voice over the massacre of scores of people in occupied Kashmir by the Indian troops. He further said that UN in its manifesto has given the right of an armed struggle to the oppressed nations and the Kashmiri people after peacefully struggling for their birthright for the past 40 years were forced to pick up their guns against India after reign of terror was launched upon them . Saleem Hashmi further said that their target are the Indian troops, who are involved in committing inhuman acts of violence against the innocent Kashmiri people . Accusing the world of adopting double standards on the Kashmir issue the Hizb spokesman said that so called human rights organizations never stand up for the atrocities against the Kashmiri people but are quick to o term any resistance by the Mujahideen as terrorism . The spokesman further said that the Kashmir dispute is the production of UK and it should have repented its mistake of the past but instead it is issuing a license to kill to the Indians . He said the statements against the Mujahideen by the western forces reflect their anti Muslim attitude and racism .


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