May 2004 News

MMA In Favour Of Improving Relations With India

30 May 2004
The Pakistan Tribune

Islamabad: Pakistan's religious circles are in favor of improving relations with India but not at the cost of Kashmir . 'We are in favor of improving relations with India irrespective of who rules India, but there will be no bargaining on the Kashmir,' said Mian Aslam Deputy Chief of Jamaat-e-Islami Punjab and MNA of MMA while speaking at the gathering of Jamaat-e-Islami Islamabad workers at I-10 and I-8 Sectors on Sunday. He urged the government not to accept any pressure to bargain on Pakistan's 50 years principled stand and warned that any sign of weakness could cost the country its freedom. Kashmir is the key obstacle in keeping good relations with India and it should be resolved under the principles of justice, in which the right of self-determination should be given to the Kashmiris, he said . Pointing out that peace could not be restored without justice and fair play; he said peace could only be guaranteed in the region by giving Kashmiris their due rights. Mr. Aslam said Kashmir is an incomplete agenda of the partition of the subcontinent. 'The only way to stop war is to have full preparation to meet the challenges and we have no hope that the Kashmir issue will be solved near future,' he observed.


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