June 2004 News

Fresh troops land as demonstrators defy curfew

4 June 2004
The Pakistan Tribune

Gilgit: Curfew imposed following demonstrations by Shiite protesters to make government revoke proposed changes in curricula failed to achieve its desired results as gunfire between paramilitary force and Shiite demonstrators in the city continued and demonstrators dared coming on the roads in defiance of curfew. Flouting the curfew demonstrators assailed legislative council where paramilitary forces personnel had to resort to firing to disperse the demonstrators. Later, paramilitary forces' personnel during their house-to-house search arrested some 42 people. Exchange of firing continued reportedly at Khomer as well. In the wake of failure of curfew in checking the demonstrators come out on streets fresh contingents of Pak army landed at Gilgit airport via C-130. The troops were deployed in the vicinity of Karakorum University where some 15,000 demonstrators were attempting to enter Gilgit to press government release detained Shia leaders including Aga Ziauddin Rizvi. It is pertinent to mention here that Shiite students have abducted some three FC personnel from Gagot Koro, some 40 Kms from Gilgit. FC personnel and Shiites have occupied position in trenches in Sakwar, a village located at some 9 kms from Gilgit. The personnel and the demonstrators have taken positions on big boulders and rocks. Police Recruiting Training officials told Online on Friday that some eight thousand demonstrators who forcibly entered Police Training centre took along with them weapons besides taking away salary of employees to the tune of Rs 0.4 million.


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