June 2004 News

Local administration, religious leaders responsible for Gilgit violence: JKLF

6 June 2004
The Pakistan Tribune

Rawalpindi: Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front Chairman Amanullah Khan has said that the responsibility for the violence in Gilgit lies on the local administration and religious leaders. In his reaction to the situation in Gilgit the JKLF chief said if the local administration in Gilgit and the religious leaders had been realistic and moderate the violence in Gilgit would not have erupted in the front place. He added that due to the incompetence of these two the people of Gilgit had to suffer the imposition of curfew besides loss of property worth millions. Ammanullah Khan reiterated that it is unjustified to teach children anything against their sect and such injustices should be bought to an end. He said the only solution to the syllabus crises is to not teach children anything that is in violation of their sect. The JKLF chief appealed to the leaders of both religious sects not to disrupt harmony and peace in the area through their unjust stubbornness and incorporate the true teachings of Islam, which is to promote brotherhood and love amongst Muslims of all sects.


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