June 2004 News

Al Nasireen warns Indian visitors to leave Srinagar

15 June 2004
The Hindustan Times
Rashid Ahmad

Srinagar: The Al Nasiren outfit, responsible for Saturday's grenade attack at a Pahalgam hotel, has renewed its threat to tourists, asking them to leave the valley without any delay. Five tourists had died and 30 others were injured in the blast. Identifying himself as Al Nasireen's spokesman, Qazi Aqeel Ahmad warned 'Indian' visitors to pack up and leave the valley immediately. In a statement faxed to a local news agency, Qazi said that his outfit has the potential to strike at other places also. He accused 'Indian' visitors of spreading vulgarity and obscenity in the region. 'Our's is a sacred land where thousands of people have sacrificed their lives in the course of freedom,' Qazi said. 'We will not allow this land to be transformed into place of impropriety.' The spokesman also appeared miffed with the government's projection of inflow of tourists as a 'sign of normalcy and end of freedom struggle'. 'Mufti Mohammad Sayeed's government is hand in glove with the Indian government to promote such propaganda,' he said, adding, 'We will not allow such machinations to succeed.' The Jamaitul Mujahideen, a prominent militant group operating in the Valley since the inception of militancy, has lauded Al Nasireen's efforts. It has also extended outright support to the outfit in its campaign against tourists. Incidentally, all other major militant groups have maintained silence on the issue.


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