June 2004 News

Kashmiris party to the dispute, say EU MPs

22 June 2004
The Daily Times

Srinagar: Members of the European Parliament visiting held Kashmir on Tuesday urged India and Pakistan to involve the Kashmiri people in efforts to settle the 57-year-old dispute. 'India, Pakistan and the people of Kashmir should resolve the Kashmir issue among themselves,' John Cushnahan, the head of the six-member European Union parliamentary delegation, told reporters here. Mr Cushnahan, from Ireland, said the team would meet politicians, freedom leaders and Kashmiri people during its three-day visit. 'The people of Kashmir are the most important party to the issue because it is they who are suffering. We recognise this that there are three parties which have a legitimate interest in the resolution of Kashmir - India, Pakistan and especially the people of Kashmir,' Mr Cushnahan said..Meanwhile, fighting between Indian security forces and suspected militants in Kashmir left six insurgents dead on Tuesday, officials said. Two farmers were also killed by unidentified attackers on Tuesday in separate incidents.


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