July 2004 News

Kasuri, Natwar hope for Kashmir solution

2 July 2004
The Daily Times

Jakarta: The foreign ministers of Pakistan and India emerged from talks on Friday optimistic that trust between the two nations was growing and further progress had been made in resolving their long-running Kashmir dispute.Foreign Minister Kurshid Kasuri met his Indian counterpart Natwar Singh for 15 minutes on the sidelines of the ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF) in what was the two nations' second high- level diplomatic encounter in a week. Mr Singh told reporters that he and Kasuri had been able to 'carry forward' India and Pakistan's warming relationship.The Indian foreign minister said he had invited Mr Kasuri invited to the Indian capital in August to discuss Kashmir and confidence building between the two countries.'We have taken it further here. We'll take it further in Islamabad and when he (Kasuri) comes to Delhi,' Singh said. Kasuri said resolving matters such as Kashmir was now down to one factor - political will.' I can tell you that on behalf of Pakistan we have the political will to carry forward this process and I feel that, given the political will, even difficult issues can be resolved.' He told reporters he would continue to maintain a dialogue with his Indian counterpart Natwar Singh. The real challenge, he said, was for diplomats of both sides to come forward with an acceptable solution involving the people of Kashmir.


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