July 2004 News

Hindus want a role in Kashmir talks

11 July 2004
The Daily Times
Iftikhar Gilani

New Delhi: Kashmiri Hindus have demanded that they be made party to peace talks, whether internal or external, because they are the original inhabitants of Jammu and Kashmir.Participating in a discussion on the launching of a book titled 'Kashmir documentation Pandits in exile', Panun Kashmir Movement Chairman Ashwanai Kaul Chrangu accused Kashmiri Muslims, the Indian government and the sate government of not fulfilling their responsibilities and accentuating the exodus of Kashmiri pandits.Mr Chrangu said those blaming Kashmiri pandits for migration needed to look at the events which took place in 1989. 'The Government of India had ordered Doordarshan, Radio Kashmir, banks and even officials of intelligence agencies to withdraw and that left people in a lawless vacuum,' he said. He blamed Kashmiri Muslims for not siding with Hindus in crisis.Earlier, former police director general Manmhohan Khajuria demanded a high-level inquiry by a sitting Supreme Court judge to investigate the circumstances that led to Kashmiri Pandits' exodus 10 years ago.


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