July 2004 News

Militants devise new techniques to evade surveillance grid

18 July 2004
The Daily Excelsior
Daily Excelsior Correspondent

Jammu: As the Defence authorities have installed surveillance grids on Line of Control (LoC) to ensure zero-infiltration syndrome, mentors across the border have been equipping terrorists with modern equipments to smoothly and safely sneak into Indian territory. Although the troops have been repeatedly foiling attempts of the terrorists, infiltration has increased on LoC especially in the Poonch sector for the quite some times. Equipping with ‘effective weapons’ to evade surveillance grid, terrorists have been also taking advantage of maize fields and high grass, which grows all along the LoC, to hide themselves for hours together after sneaking into this side. R P Singh, Commanding Officer of the Poonch Brigade, which has foiled major infiltration bid on July 17 2004, admitted that terrorists have been taking benefits of maize fields. 'We have directed the farmers to cut the maize crops all along the LoC- forty meters from both sides of the fencing to frustrate terrorists’s design', he said. Repeated attempts of the terrorists to further proceed into hinterlands after safely sneaking into Indian side is matter of concern not only for defence authorities but it has also worried who were also expecting zero-infiltration after fencing and installation of Surveillance Grid. 'No doubt that defence authorities had contained infiltration to large extent after fencing and installation of surveillance grid but the way terrorists have been making their entry by adopting new techniques is serious matter', said Abdul Rashid, a resident of border village. He said that infiltration attempts have increased for the quite some time. Pointing towards increasing infiltration attempts, Rajinder Singh, another resident of Poonch said that three major infiltration attempts, for the last eight days, were clear indication of situation. 'Three infiltrators were killed on July 10 at village Gundi while in the intervening night of July 9 and 10, six infiltrators were eliminated by the forces at village Chakthroo in Mandi sector', he said. Defence sources admitted that their masters across the border, after imparting them new training, have been directing the terrorists to sneak into Indian side at any cost. Recovery of rubber tubes from slain terrorists, who were eliminated at Shahpur on July 17, 2004, reveals about new ‘experimentation strategy’ of the terrorists. Rubber tubes recovered from the terrorists were to be used by the infiltrators as insulating material to lift the wire and make the safe passage. 'It is new strategy, earlier they usually used gas cutter to cut fencing along the LoC', said defence sources, adding, 'special trainings have been given to the terrorists to evade Surveillance Grid'. Troops had earlier recovered gas cutters, electric current testers, simple cutters and rubber gloves but now rubber tubes have been recovered from the terrorists. Defence authorities said that terrorists used to carry testers to check if the fence was electrified. If electrified, the rubber tubes were to be used as insulating material to lift the wire and make the passage. Some lathis were also recovered from the slain terrorists, ‘holding lathis with rubber pads on their tips, they began walking down the ridge', defence authorities said. Equipping terrorists with adequate equipments to cross over this side , speaks about evil designs of their mentors who want maximum infiltration before cutting of maize crops. The Army Chief General N C Vij, had himself stated that the next four months would be crucial to watch whether the trend continued to be on the upswing. As earlier reported, the Army Chief had admitted that infiltration from across the LoC in Jammu and Kashmir has ‘almost doubled’ since May.


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