July 2004 News

Armitage’s statement on terrorist camps “dismaying”

19 July 2004
News Network International

Islamabad: Political analysts here were dismayed at the statement made by Richard Armitage that some terrorist camps still existed in Azad Kashmir.   These analysts were of the view that instead of straightaway condemning the Indian army's atrocities on the innocent and unarmed Kashmiris, Armitage shoes to talk of the terrorist camps and said that Pakistan had not dismantled some.   It may be mentioned here that when asked to clarify US position on the human right violations, Armitage emphasized that all kinds of violence should be stopped in Indian held Kashmir so that the people of the area can live peacefully and that is the US policy.   Responding to a query about his statement that Pakistan has still not dismantled terrorist camps in Azad Kashmir and how he viewed the state of human rights in Indian held Kashmir, Armitage replied, 'I was correctly quoted, when I just noted that all terrorist camps have not been dismantled in Pakistan. But it has to be noted that there are lots of different kinds of violence, some across the LOC, other indigenous. It all must be stopped so the people of Jammu and Kashmir can have a prosperous life and prosperous future and that is US policy', he said.   Political analysts pleaded that it was high time that US uses its influence to resolve the Kashmir issue by putting pressure on Indian rather than confusing it further by making wrapped statements.  


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