August 2004 News

Clerics Condemn Kashmir Pop Song

3 August 2004

Srinagar: Religious leaders in Indian administered Kashmir have sought a ban on a pop song by two Pakistani singers. A line in the song, Kachi Pencil (Fragile Pencil), says God has written the fate of man with a fragile pencil. The song has become popular with people across the disputed state, despite the protests by enraged clerics who say God would never do such a thing. They have threatened to take to the streets in protest at the song, which is sung by Akram Rahi and Naseebo Lal. 'Blasphemous' The BBC's Binoo Joshi in Jammu says the song has become all the rage with Kashmiri people for its melody and lyrics. But clerics in Jammu told the BBC it was blasphemous. 'There is no question of Allah [God] writing our fate with a fragile pencil,' said Moulvi Ghulam Rasool, who appealed to those owning the cassette to throw it away. A similar message was given by other clerics at several mosques across the area. But our correspondent says that despite the condemnation, the cassette is selling briskly. 'I play the cassette in my bus as it is popular with the passengers,' one local bus driver said.


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