August 2004 News

Former ISI Chief Says Demilitarization Of Siachen Will Weaken Stance On Kashmir

7 August 2004
News Network International

Islamabad: Former Chief of Pakistani ISI, Gen. (Ret) Hameed Gul has said that demilitarization of Siachin will weaken Pakistan's stance on Kashmir. Talking to Radio Tehran, Mr. Gul said that it is very wrong because it amounts to rewarding India for aggression. 'Our position on Siachen was quite decided that a particular area on one side of a specific line which India calls Line of control of Actual Control and we name it as Line of Control is with us and other part is with India,' he said adding that India had made aggression without justification in 1984 and captured an area of 60 miles after entering our side. He said that Kargil was captured Kargil in 1971 and we recaptured it in 1999 but because of US pressure Pakistani troops were asked to retreat from Kargil heights although their position was very strong. He said that Indians are suffering a lot of causalities and expenses due to intensity of weather in Siachin. 'The decision of demilitarization will badly damage Kashmir cause and Pakistan's position of bargaining will also become weak after the decision,' he said. He said that the United States is exerting its pressure since long to resolve the issue and even President Clinton promised that he will arrange a dialogue on the issue. He said that talks process was initiated at behest of American and Pakistan kept on accepting all Indian conditions in this regard and resultantly they erected a barbed wire along the LoC. He said that the so-called training camps of Mujahideen in Azad Kashmir were dismantled. They also stopped jihad and even Pervez Musharaf said that he can also talk about Kashmir issue by leaving UN resolutions aside. Whenever the issue is raised, they say that ok they will hold talks n Kashmir but the other part of Kashmir is their integral part, the former ISI Chief added. He said India always say that under article 370 of the India constitution Kashmir is a part of Indian Union and they will not discuss it. The issue of Sir Creek is that a maritime boundary starts from our costal border wit India in South. A number of times India and Pakistan arrested each other people. Sir Creek issue is a minor thing, he said. He said that it will be good thing if Sir Creek issue is resolved but these are not important issues. The real and core issue is only one which is Kashmir, which neither belongs to Pakistan nor India and Kashmir is for Kashmiri people unless it is resolved, Gul added.


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