August 2004 News

Support To Jehad In Kashmir Pledged

14 August 2004
The Nation

Lahore: Speakers at 'Takmil-i-Pakistan Conference', have vowed to continue support to Jehad in Kashmir and not to bow before any force. The conference was organised by Jamatud Dawa at Chauburgi Chowk, here, Saturday. Hafiz Muhammad Saeed, MMA chief Qazi Hussain Ahmad, former ISI chief General Hameed Gul, Engineer Saleemullah Khan, Amir Hamza, Hafiz Abdur Rehman Makki and Maulana Amjad Khan and others addressed the conference. A large number of religious party workers were present. Jamatud Dawa chief Hafiz Muhammad Saeed said government had withdrawn to hold the conference at Minar-i-Pakistan at eleventh hour and we did not confront the govt because the US and Western forces wanted the differences among religious forces and the government. He said the country was incomplete till the implementation of Sharia. He said country would be complete when Kashmir, Juna Garh, Deccan, Munwadar and Hyderabad are not included in Pakistan. He said his party would continue its struggle to complete Pakistan at ideological and geographical fronts. He said no force could stop Jehad as it was initiated on the orders of Allah. He said water agreements made with India had dried Pakistani rivers and now it was blocking the waters of Chenab and Jehlum. He said MMA demands Pervez Musharraf to shed uniform but we demand him to quit both offices. MMA chief Qazi Hussain Ahmad said US had established military bases in Pakistan and was interfering in all affairs including education system and rulers had become stooges. FBI was raiding the houses of martyrs and mujahdeen were being put behind the bars. The military was launching operation against its countrymen in Wana and Waziristan. He said it was need of the hour to start jehad with full vigour to achieve the goals of the creation of a separate homeland for the Muslims in sub-continent. If Musharraf does not shed his uniform before 31 December he would be banished, Qazi warned. He said the rulers were denying the basic rights of the citizen in the country. The country would not be allowed to be made secular and the MMA would launch jehad against the rulers to foil any such attempt. General Hameed Gul said the US had lost war against the Muslim but was not admitting the fact. He said the Muslim have no weapon except Jehad and urged unity among all ranks and school of thoughts to frustrate the designs of enemy. He said the country was facing several internal and external pressures at the moment. He said Muslims should not fight each other.


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