August 2004 News

Permanent Seat In UN Council: Hurriyats To Counter India's Bid

16 August 2004
The Hindustan Times

Jammu: THE TWO factions of Hurriyat Conference have decided to launch a diplomatic offensive to undermine India's bid to secure permanent seat in the UN Security Council. Their men and supporters in the West would lead the effort, the sources said. Both Syed Ali Shah Geelani and Mirwaiz Ummer Farooq-led factions of the Hurriyat would be sending petitions to the United Nations General Assembly when it meets next month to counter India's diplomatic effort for the seat in the UN Security Council. The campaign would bring into focus India's backtracking on the UN resolutions on Kashmir and what they call 'India's bid to retain Kashmir by military occupation'. Pakistan has also given its blessings to this crusade of Kashmiri separatists against India, the sources added. Kashmir has been the raw nerve of India. International community has frequently pointed to Kashmir issue as the major problem in entertaining its claim to the august body at the moment held by the powers of the Second World War era. The Hurriyats have tapped their supporters and lobbyists in Washington and London - the two world capitals having influence over the UN - to run the campaign, citing 'poor human rights record of India' in Kashmir. Some reports of the international human rights group such as Amnesty International and Asia Watch - tarring India on HR issues - would be handy documents for these campaigners. The recent volte face of the federal government on the condition of talks with separatists and also lack of adequate progress on Kashmir issue in the Indo-Pak dialogue process would underpin this campaign, the sources said. This idea had been lurking in the separatist strategy for long, but the Hurriyat has decided to give it a push and momentum now, to further its credentials.


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