August 2004 News

Kashmir issue raised at NAM

20 August 2004
The Dawn

Islamabad: Pakistan has taken up the Kashmir issue in the ministerial conference of the Non-Aligned Movement and the resolution of the Kashmir issue depends on the success of the ongoing confidence- building measures and the dialogue process between the two countries. Foreign Office spokesman, Masood Khan, told a private television channel by telephone from Durban, South Africa. Referring to Iraq, he said that NAM's ministerial conference had strongly condemned the kidnapping and killing of foreign workers in Iraq. He also recalled that recently two Pakistani workers were made hostage and killed by their captors there. About Palestine, he said Pakistan supported Palestinians and had called for the establishment of an independent state for them, adding that Islamabd had urged the international community must for making all possible efforts in this regard. On Afghanistan, Mr Khan said that Pakistan had called for strengthening of international forces there for improving the security situation there, adding that the political process should move forward, he said.


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