August 2004 News

'Pak Strangulating Rights Of Kashmiris In PoK'

21 August 2004
The Hindustan Times

New Delhi: An amalgam of overseas Kashmiri outfits has lashed out at Pakistan for 'strangulating' rights of Kashmiris in areas under its occupation. In a letter to Lord Nazir of the House of Lords of Britain, Chairman of International Kashmir Alliance Syed Nazir Gilani said the leadership in Muzaffarabad (capital of Pakistan-occupied- Kashmir) has continued to serve 'as an instrument of the establishment in Islamabad. 'Due to constant fear of being proposed and disposed, it has not even hesitated to strangulate its own people.' 'The history of 57 years of local politics and administration is replete with examples of shame and disgrace,' Gilani said. While India has realised that no military might can vanquish a movement, (Pakistan) continues constitutional restraint on the expressed politics in PoK and the primitive means of administration in Gilgit and Baltistan,' he said. 'On one hand Pakistan subscribes its faith in the UN resolutions on Kashmir and on the other it commits breaches in relation to the type of administration stipulated in PoK and double pedals in regards to the Gilgit and Baltistan,' the letter said. Gilani said Pakistan had kept a mere copious semblance of its faith in UN resolutions on Kashmir and in 'practice has deliberately ensured that the administration in PoK and Gilgit and Balitistan do not assume the shape and style envisaged in the UN resolutions.'


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