August 2004 News

Pakistan expresses regret over AICC resolution on so-called border terrorism

24 August 2004
News Network International

Islamabad: Pakistan has expressed its regret over the resolution adopted by AICC that harps on the so-called cross border terrorism and said it does not refer to the ongoing atrocities and human rights violations in the Indian Occupied Kashmir.   In a statement issued here Tuesday, the Foreign Office spokesman  said the Indian leadership, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi have demonstrated good faith and pledged to continue the composite dialogue process.   He said the process is moving forward and AICC should not have had second thoughts. 'They should not second-guess this decision, which is in the interest on the people of South Asia'.   Things are moving on. We are not in the Cold War era. Indian leaders should change their mindset, adjust co contemporary realities, stop maligning Pakistan, and given their fullest devotion to the talks.   'We are on track with the dialogue process. Let's talks to their logical end. Indian officials should not muddy the waters before the scheduled talks between the Foreign Ministers next month. Higher goals and stakes are at stake. Together, let's keep on giving clear signals that we are committed to confidence building, result oriented composite dialogue, conflict resolution, and durable peace', the spokesman said.   Referring Indian Home Ministry's annual report, he said it has woven a spurious scenario. Its chapter on Jammu and Kashmir has tried to string together contradictory statements. The so-called infiltration goes down in one sentence; it goes up in the second sentence.   It is an odd document. At one point, it talks about 'public ennui against violence and tactics of terrorism'. Odd indeed, because ennui means 'mental weariness from lack of occupation or interest' or simply 'boredom'. So what they are saying is that the public is 'bored with violence'.   It is evident that the purpose of this report is to distort and put out crass propaganda to divert attention from the real issue, human rights violations in the Indian Occupied Kashmir.   Some one was given the job to prove a thesis or an a priori assumption. In their zeal, the drafters have come up with cooked up figures, which lack credibility.  


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