August 2004 News

Bosnian Support On Kashmir Issue

27 August 2004
The News International

Islamabad: Bosnian President, Sulejman Tihic, in his meetings with Chairman Senate Mian Muhammad Soomro and Foreign Minister Khursheed Mahmud Kasuri has exchanged views on regional and international affairs, eradication of terrorism and reorganisation of OIC. The leaders of the two Muslim countries discussed ways of improving cooperation between Pakistan and Bosnia in various fields. The Bosnian President also acknowledged the positive efforts made by Pakistan towards the resolution of the Kashmir dispute and stressed that the issue must be settled according to the wishes of the Kashmiri people. The people of Bosnia can relate to the Kashmir issue, the sacrifices being offered and the hardships being endured by the valiant people of Kashmir, since the Bosnians themselves have been through a similar experience. They have gained independence through a long, bitter and bloody war of independence. Only such nations can really value the true worth of independence and freedom, and can empathise with and offer support to other people who are fighting to break the shackles of foreign occupation. Pakistan's moral support and goodwill for Kashmir has been acknowledged by the international community because Pakistan has been steadfastly holding to its view of a peaceful settlement of the issue and continues to render moral, political and diplomatic support to the Kashmiri people. Bosnian President Sulejman Tihic's statement calling for the settlement of the Kashmir issue as per the wishes of the Kashmiri people is a clear reflection of Bosnian support of Pakistan's viewpoint and the freedom struggle being waged by the Kashmiri people. It is also a major victory for Pakistan on the diplomatic front.


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