September 2004 News

JKLF alleges bid to partition Kashmir permanently

3 September 2004
The Dawn
Our Staff Correspondent

Muzaffarabad: Jammu & Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) chairman Amanullah Khan on Friday accused India and Pakistan of working for the permanent partition of Kashmir on the basis of the Line of Control. Speaking at a news conference, the pro-independence leader recalled that the January 6 joint declaration by the two countries did not mention the Kashmiris' internationally acknowledged right to self- determination, 'although till yesterday Pakistan had been declaring it the base of its so-called principled stand on Kashmir'. Secondly, Mr Khan said, the Kashmiris had not been conceded as a party to the issue in the declaration notwithstanding the fact they were the principal party and the worst sufferers. He said the dialogue process initiated after the January 6 declaration was also aimed at sheltering the interests of India and Pakistan and there was no mention of the interests of the Kashmiris. The JKLF chief alleged that it was after the declaration that India completed the fence along the LoC without any resistance from Pakistan which suggested that the fencing was done by the former in connivance with the latter. He pointed out that Siachen and Wullar were ancillary issues and part of the main problem, but ironically those were taken up separately. It were these developments that made everybody think that India and Pakistan were bent upon converting the LoC into a permanent border between them, the JKLF chief said. Terming the 'proposed forcible disintegration' of Kashmir a challenge to every patriotic Kashmiri, he called upon the people of both parts of the state to rise above the party and political affiliations and raise a vigorous voice against this 'conspiracy'. He made it clear that the Kashmiris had not sacrificed nearly 100,000 lives and chastity of thousands of women for division of their motherland on the basis of the LoC. He said that his party had launched an 'anti- division drive' from August 13 from the southernmost AJK town of Iftikharabad, holding dozens of rallies and demonstrations in every small and big town of the six districts over the last 20 days. 'I feel proud in saying that everywhere people listened to us seriously and sincerely and committed to raise unanimous voice against division of Kashmir.' The JKLF chief also denounced the briefings by the Foreign Office to the AJK-based Kashmiri leaders, terming them a 'hoax'. 'Pakistani rulers are misleading the whole nation in the name of briefings to sycophant Kashmiri leaders on their talks with India,' he said. To a question, he said he saw a big danger for the Kashmiri nation in trilateral talks, after the inclusion of Kashmiri leaders in the process. 'India and Pakistan may have decided the final solution of Kashmir by themselves, but they would get it stamped from their stooges in Srinagar and Muzaffarabad,' he said.


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