September 2004 News

Pakistan, India reject each otherís Kashmir proposals

11 September 2004
The News International

Islamabad: India has disregarded a proposal by Pakistan for appointment of a high profile representative from each country to deal exclusively with the Kashmir dispute. Pakistan has also rejected the Indian suggestion to freeze the Kashmir issue till the two countries resolve other issues. Sources told The News that the joint statement issued on the conclusion of visit of Foreign Minister Khursheed Mahmud Kasuri to India did not please the people who were expecting a breakthrough. Important world capitals are in touch with the two countries about the outcome of the talks. The sources said Pakistan had asked India to agree to bring the Kashmiri people on board in talks, which should be focussed on a resolution. Islamabad is not insisting on a timeframe for the resolution but it would not like to be party to an open ended talks, as it has been happening for the last 57 years. Soon after independence, Liaquat-Nehru, Bhutto-Sowarn Singh, Ayub-Shastri, Bhutto-Indra, Benazir-Rajiv, Vajpayee-Nawaz Sharif and Vajpayee-Musharraf had talks on Kashmir. Indian National Security Adviser JN Dixit has proposed to freeze the Kashmir issue for an unspecified period of time and follow the model of Sino-India relations where the basic dispute has been put aside while the peripheral issues after their immediate addressed normality is prevailing. But the Indian leadership has been told that the disputes between Islamabad and Delhi have no similarity with Sino-India disputes. The second round of talks would conclude next year. It is believed that any solid outcome on basic disputes would be possible in the next nine months. The summit level interactions of both the countries in next five to six months may agree to accelerate the pace of talks but for the time being an immediate improvement in relations is not in sight, the observers viewed.


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