September 2004 News

Tarigami flays healing touch policy

15 September 2004
The Daily Excelsior

Jammu: The State secretary, Communist Party of India, Marxist (CPIM) Mohammed Yusuf Tarigami today came down heavily on the PDP led coalition Government alleging that the government has curbed the democratic rights of the people as the State according to him has been turned into a 'police State.' Addressing a press conference here Tarigami alleged that democracy has not been allowed to grow in the State and those who wish to protest for their rights are heavily dealt with by the police. 'Democracy does not exist in Jammu and Kashmir and those who wish to protest for getting their rights are termed as traitors,' the CPM leader alleged. Tarigami was highly critical of the police force saying that it is the police, which is running the entire State machinery. 'Jammu and Kashmir has become a virtual police State and the police has taken the job of running the entire State machinery by interfering in all the matters,' he said. Criticizing the 'healing touch' policy of the State Government, Tarigami said that the policy of healing touch has not borne any fruit,' Despite swearing in the name of healing touch, the legitimate democratic protest in the State continue to be met with brute force. Peaceful protestors are cane charged, tear gassed and even showered with bullets,' he added. Citing examples of the recent police actions against the protestors, Tarigami said that even the peasants, teachers and the labourers who were demanding wages were showered with bullets and this phenomenon is becoming a routine affair in the State. Tarigami cautioned that the present way of dealing with the people could prove to be a very costly affair for the Government. 'Democratic expression has always been viewed with suspicion and this could lead to democratic institutions becoming meaningless for the common masses which can further lead to alienation of the people,' he said. The CPM State secretary said that by curbing the democratic rights of the people, Mufti government was repeating the same old mistakes and this repetition can lead to people losing faith in the democratic setup.'Even though the former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee during his historic speech in Srinagar had announced that the mistakes committed in the past will not be repeated in future the Mufti government is repeating the same and this is sure to alienate the people,' he asserted. Tarigami said that the Government should try to learn a lesson as to what happened to the previous Governments when they too tried to curb the democratic rights of the people. 'The present Government too will meet the same fate if the repressive measures are not stopped at an earliest,' added Tarigami.


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