September 2004 News

India Will Safeguard Kashmir's Interest: Kalam

16 September 2004
The Hindustan Times

Cape Town: President APJ Abdul Kalam has said that India is not interested in creating trouble in the subcontinent over Kashmir, but wants to safeguard its interests. Responding to a question while addressing a joint briefing on Wednesday with South African President Thabo Mbeki, Kalam said development would help bring about lasting peace in the region. 'We are on the talking table with Pakistan. Discussions are taking place at various levels - ministerial, secretarial, people to people contacts...' India, said Kalam, was 'very busy in developmental activities'. 'We are not interested in creating problems but at the same time we want to safeguard our interests. We want to see peace prevail.' Replying to a South African journalist's question about lasting peace in the subcontinent, Kalam said he personally believed that economic development would help remove poverty in the region and bring about peace.


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