September 2004 News

Musharraf Denies Any Deadline Set On Kashmir

20 September 2004
News Network International

New York: President Musharraf has said he has not demanded of India to set any timeframe for resolution of Kashmir dispute. In Islamabad Foreign Office spokesman Masood Khan dispelled the impression that Pakistan wants any deadline for the process of dialogue but added that there should be reasonable timeframe for solution of the problems involved. But Khan said the process cannot be endless and it should be result oriented. General Musharraf told reporters in New York on his arrival to attend the UN General Assembly that he would meet with the Indian prime minister with open mind and will push for some progress on key issues between Pakistan and India. Replying a question regarding his scheduled meeting with US President George Bush he said the war against terrorism, Afghanistan situation, Pakistan, India talks and Pak-US relations would come under discussion in the meeting. President Musharraf called for taking some wise steps for settling complex issues between Pakistan and India and maximum efforts for rapid progress in the composite dialogue adding that he was showing flexibility for the progress. 'I am going with an open mind, we should understand each other and efforts be made for progress on the key issue, Pakistan President said.


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