September 2004 News

Musharraf, Singh joint statement disappoints JKLF

25 September 2004
News Network International

Islamabad: Mr. Amanullah Khan, Chairman Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) has expressed total disappointment 0ver the contents of the Joint Statement issued after the meeting between Pakistan President General Pervez Musharraf and Indian Prime minister Dr. Manmohan Singh in New York.   He said the statement is no mention again of Kashmiris right of self determination nor have Kashmiris been accepted as a party to Kashmir Issue in spite of the fact that Kashmiris, inherent, internationally recognized and pledged right of self determination formed the very base of Kashmir Issue and Kashmiris were the principal party to it.   The governments of  India and Pakistan had proved once more, the JKLF chief said, that they consider Kashmiris as dumb  driven cattle and totally ignored their wishes and aspirations.   Mr. Amanullah Khan said that if India and Pakistan really wanted permanent peace in and a prosperous future for the people of South Asia, they should abandon their colonialistic approach towards Kashmir Issue and implement the promises and pledges made by them to Kashmiris and to the world in the past, the pledges of conceding to Kashmiris their inherent and internationally right to determine their own future.   The JKLF Chief said that the easily practicable and the most and equitable solution of the Issue would be to re-unite the divided Jammu Kashmir State and make it an independent republic having friendly relations with both India and Pakistan. 15 years later there be a UN supervised referendum in which Kashmiris would determine whether Kashmir should retain its independence, become part of India or Pakistan or find any other solution and that popular verdict be accepted by all concerned as final settlement of the Issue and implemented.   Mr. Khan said that the colonialistic approach of the governments of India and Pakistan was pregnant with dangers of un- imaginable magnitude for entire South Asia and added that except a few puppet leaders, no Kashmiri could accept Kashmiris to be treated as sub-humans.  


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