September 2004 News

Pakistan urged to let Kashmiris cross LoC

25 September 2004
The Daily Times

Lahore: Pakistan should agree to a reported Indian proposal to allow Kashmiris from east of the Line of Control to enter Azad Kashmir with identity documents, a statement quoted peace activist Dr Mubashir Hasan as saying on Saturday According to the proposal, Pakistan could use a domicile certificate or passport to check the identity of a person. Dr Hasan urged the Pakistani government to accept the proposal. The reported proposal stated that it would be up to India to prescribe what documents would allow people living in Azad Kashmir to cross the LoC. The media said that India wanted a passport to be shown at the time of crossing. This is tantamount to accepting Azad Kashmir as territory of Pakistan, which is not Pakistan's position. Pakistan says that Jammu and Kashmir is disputed territory. The statement said that for the integrity of the disputed territory, both sides should allow Kashmiris to cross the LoC without hindrance. Dr Hasan said while difficulties were being removed for the opening of the Srinagar-Muzaffarabad bus route, the Jammu-Sialkot route should also be opened. staff report


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