October 2004 News

Demonstrations in Azad Kashmir against Sialkot killings

4 October 2004
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Muzaffarabad: Protest demonstrations were held here against the bomb blast in Zainabia Mosque in Sialkot city last Friday in which about 30 Namazis were killed and many injured while offering Juma prayer.   In Muzaffarabad, a big rally was brought out by the students' organizations from the Post Graduate College which was participated by a large number of college students and others.   The demonstrators, led by P.S.F's Central Secretary General Raja Faisal Azad, strongly condemned the act of terrorism and chanted slogans against it. The rally passed through various bazaars and later terminated at Aziz Chowk here.   Addressing the rally former central Deputy Organizer of PPP, Azad  Kashmir, Shaukat Javed and other speakers blamed the Federal Government for not overcoming the terrorist acts. They demanded immediate arrest of the culprits and awarding them exemplary punishment.   The speakers also demanded that the Government should pay Rs. 50 lac to each family of the victim, as compensation.   It is pointed out that a leader of PPP Azad Kashmir and former Deputy Speaker Syed Shaukat Hussain Hussain Naqvi also became a victim of this terrorist act. The speakers termed the death of Naqvi as a great loss to Azad Kashmir.  


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