October 2004 News

Brutal killings of innocents continue on name of Jehad

5 October 2004
The Daily Excelsior
Daily Excelsior Correspondent

Jammu: Senseless brutal killings of innocent persons including veterans, women and young children by the so-called Jehadis has become the order of the day now in parts of Jammu and Kashmir, which raise a question mark over such barbarities whether is it Jehad (Revolution) and also against whom. Alone in the month of August this year in 21 such incidents 30 innocent men, women and children have been killed in most barbaric manner. Farooq Ahmed Ganai of Pulwama was shot dead by terrorists because a release terrorist of Al Jehad outfit. Sixty year old Bashir Ahmed of Thanamandi was killed because his two sons were serving in security forces. Mohd Yunus Ganai of Magam in district Doda was shot dead because he was suspected to be a Mukhbir (Informer). Zubaida, 27 year old wife of a CRPF constable was shot dead at Poonch. Shamim Akhtar from Nilu Valley was killed within three days of her terrorist husband being shot dead by security forces. Suriya Begum of Doda district was shot at and her Dhok burnt because her son had enrolled as SPO. Fortunately she is still alive. Jehangir of Kokernag was beheaded. Farooq Sheikh of Surankot was kidnapped and killed by slitting his throat. Rauf Ahmed, a tea stall owner of Kupwara was killed with a pistol at close range. The last three instances are with a difference. All three persons were not connected with terrorist activities in any way. Probably the reason for which they lost their lives was that they did not succumb to terrorists attempts towards extortion or that their families could not pay the ransom amount in time. This reign of terror has been unleashed in J&K by those who came to the Valley with promises of creating a revolution that would give freedom to the people of the State. The things have become such that none can earn even a single penny in the Valley without parting with a share of their earnings with terrorists. The people cannot take job in Government or security forces for fear of their families and this is the Jehad which the terrorists have brought alongwith them in the Valley. Terrorists have struck on both sides of Pir Panjal be it the areas like Kokernag, Milum Kangan, Sopore etc or Doda-Udhampur areas including Batan, Gandoh, Mahore or Surankote and Thanamandi in Poonch and Rajouri districts. they Take no compensation for women and children, who have been becoming their soft targets. The recent reverses that terrorists have faced viz lack of local support, constant fear of ignominious death at the hands of security forces, realization of the fact that they are marked people sue to be killed sooner or later, has further demented the already sadistic and medieval mindset of the terrorists. Without local support it has become amply clear that the days of terrorists are numbered.


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